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20:55 22-06-2017
Joe fryer
Today on dallowgill moor 3+ golden plover red kite medow pipits stone chat red grouse with chicks
12:07 22-06-2017
Paul V Irving
Male Peregrine low over Knaresborough Rd Health Centre carrying prey at 11:30 today.
12:39 19-06-2017
David Postlethwaite
White - letter hairstreak at Burton Leonard Lime Kilns YWT this morning , also good display of orchids including pyramidal.
21:48 18-06-2017
Mike Smithson
A White-letter Hairstreak was in an elm by the River Nidd at Goldsborough this morning. Also there were a small number of Banded Demoiselles at the farmers pond on Midgeley Lane. Across the field from the pond on the River Nidd there were well over a hundred Demoiselles.
20:53 16-06-2017
Mike Smithson
Just a quick note about the HDNS Nightjar Walk last night at Stainburn Forest, Little Almscliffe. The official report will be on the website. We had up to three Nightjars after 10.00 pm and surprisingly an Osprey flew across the clearing from the south heading north west at 10.15 pm. Also numerous Woodcock along the length of the walk.
18:58 14-06-2017
Ian Webster
Leighton Reservoir
1 x Osprey, watched catching fish.
16:30 13-06-2017
Will Rich
Good display of Common Spotted, Marsh and hybrid Orchids at Grange Quarry (behind Pets At Home) at present.
14:51 13-06-2017
Mike Metcalfe
1 Spoonbill at Nosterfield, down on flask, stood on sandy island, preening its self at 14.30
13:47 13-06-2017
Jess Bradley-Smith
Grasshopper warbler heard reeling at Timble Ings at 12:30 also Common Lizard here.
08:59 11-06-2017
Raymond Rumbold
One Spotted Flycatcher seen in Ripon Cathedral grounds this morning. Only second sighting in two weeks. Seen from Cathedral south steps.
18:23 07-06-2017
Rob Brown
Mandarin with 6 ducklings river Nidd between Bilton & Scotton.
10:30 05-06-2017
Will Rich
Hobby at Staveley yesterday and Barn Owl in one of the boxes.
11:31 03-06-2017
Andy Cameron
Friday 2nd June 17.
At least 3 male and 1 female Nightjar at Stainburn forest.
1 Grasshopper Warbler reeling well at Haverah Park.
10:49 01-06-2017
Rob Brown
Hummingbird hawkmoth in my Bilton garden this morning.
08:25 01-06-2017
Ian Webster
31//5/17. Near Brimham Rocks
5. Nightjar.
4. Woodcock.
4.Roe Deer.
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