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16:01 21-09-2017
Stephen Root
Peregrine back in town this afternoon - perched on south side of the Exchange Building as I type this.....
17:33 19-09-2017
Paul Irving
Gouthwaite today Buzzard 14, Red Kite 8, Kestrel 3, Merlin 1, Canada Goose 185, Teal 600, Curlew 2 Lapwing 200, Knot 1, Snipe 1
Greenhow Peregrine adult male
Meagill Lane 7 red kites over silage cutting in two fields
20:04 17-09-2017
Mike Smithson
Tonight at 19.00 I was filling the car at Morrison's petrol station in Harrogate and noticed Pied Wagtails coming in to roost in the trees behind the station forecourt. I watched for a while and suspect there must be over a 100 as small groups of up to ten were dropping into the bushes.
18:29 15-09-2017
Peter Bowman
Wed 13th 8-30 am, an Osprey flew south over Bishop Monkton. Today 90 Pink footed Geese flew southeast over Ripon Parks
21:41 10-09-2017
Will Rich
Red Admiral on Buddleia in my HG1 3HW garden today despite it being cold, blowy and intermittently rainy. Also much Hedgehog activity lately. We've had them for over 30 years, despite living right next to the A61/A59 junction.
21:14 10-09-2017
Mike Smithson
This morning at Midgeley Lane, Goldsborough a Common Swift flew over heading West. Also 15 Meadow Pipits heading East. On the cricket pitch there were three Yellow Wagtails, 40 Pied Wagtails and 10 Meadow Pipits.
18:43 10-09-2017
Peter Thomson
Knox Mill 1820hrs. Pr Cormorants on lawn beside Oak Beck.
19:48 09-09-2017
Joe fryer
Juvenile marsh harrier at staveley ywt this evening plus 7 black tailed godwits and bar headed goose as well
23:05 01-09-2017
john wilks
5pm 30th August on garden lawn on northern edge of Crimple Valley in Fulwith Mill Lane Harrogate an apparently healthy Elephant Hawk Moth caterpillar
22:34 31-08-2017
Peter Bowman
Tonight circa 400 Swallows went to roost in a maize field near Bishop Monkton, this is a regular autumn roost site.
22:27 30-08-2017
Peter Bowman
There was still a Swift flying over Starbeck this evening at 8pm
21:56 30-08-2017
Pete Seaman
Following on from Mike's report we had Hobby between the end of the scrub area and the Tutt. It did seem to be chasing the higher flying hirundines
19:43 30-08-2017
Mike Metcalfe
Osprey over Staveley today, circled East Lagoon at 15.25, before heading off south, one was also seen heading south at 011.56 on the 27th, other interest today included a Juvenile Peregrine carrying a wood pigeon, a Cream Crown Marsh Harrier following a Combine Harvester, 6 Yellow Wagtails and a Green Sandpiper.
No sign of Juvenile Merlin today, present from 27th to 29th, feeding on dragonflies and giving lots of people realy close views, down to only a few feet. 9 species of Raptor in the last 4 days.
20:24 24-08-2017
Mike Smithson
Make that two Green Sandpipers at FGP this evening.
18:31 24-08-2017
Mike Smithson
A Green Sandpiper at Farnham G. P. at the moment and an Osprey has just flown over heading South.
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