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23:31 15-10-2019
Raymond Rumbold
long, drawn-out skein of 80 - 100 pinkies heading south over Ripon at noon today
22:23 15-10-2019
Mike Smithson
Six swallows flew over Hampsthwaite yesterday afternoon heading South East.
21:52 11-10-2019
Andrew Malcolm Hanby
Good visible migration of Harrogate (w side) : https://www.trektellen.org/count/view/2021/20191011
20:40 11-10-2019
David Holmes
Redwing in our garden on the Yew tree, Harrogate
18:10 09-10-2019
Mike Metcalfe
Single Egyptian, Snow and Pink f. Goose at Staveley Nature Reserve today, down on the West Lagoon, Peregrine and Stonechat also present, other recent highlights include Bitter. Gr. Egret, Little Egret, Pintail and 500+ L.B.B.Gulls
17:36 05-10-2019
Mike Metcalfe
Bittern at Staveley Nature Reserve today, seen from the Reed Hide,at the north end of the east lagoon, also seen yesterday. 13.30
17:45 04-10-2019
Will Rich
Peregrine on the tower of Fountains Abbey this afternoon.
23:22 03-10-2019
Mike Smithson
A small flock of redwings flew over Greenhow Hill road as I drove up this morning.
21:34 03-10-2019
Will Rich
Redwings seen Ripon Parks last few days.
16:24 03-10-2019
Ian Webster
Ripon Wetlands.
1.Great White Egret.
15:23 02-10-2019
Mike Smithson
From June Atkinson. 20 Pink-footed Geese over Stonefall, Harrogate this morning.
18:48 26-09-2019
Mike Metcalfe
Adult Snow Goose at Staveley Nature Reserve this afternoon, came in from east with small group of grey's and dropped on to east lagoon, other recent highlights include Bittern, Marsh Harrier, Peregrine, Merlin and Hobby.
22:36 23-09-2019
Mike Metcalfe
Two Wood Sandpipers at Staveley Nature Reserve this Afternoon, one Adult and one Juv were down on the West Lagoon, also present single Dunlin and Ruff
21:58 09-09-2019
Mike Metcalfe
Great Egret at Staveley Nature Reserve this afternoon, down on West Lagoons, Ringed Little Egret was also present for nice comparison. Left - Red (Z) Right - Black (H) ringed at Walthamstow Wetlands Gr8. London. 13.30.
20:12 08-09-2019
Mike Smithson
There were three Green Sandpipers at the farmers pond off Midgeley Lane, Goldsborough this morning. Also a Yellow Wagtail and two Meadow Pipits in the field.
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